In January of 2018, The Hospital Research Foundation moved its financial year to align with the calendar year (January – December). This allows us to work more seamlessly with the research institutes we provide funding for, ensuring our support of research is the most efficient it can be.

Following the 2016-17 financial year, a 6 month audited financials (July 1 2017 – December 31 2017) is now available.

In this period, The Hospital Research Foundation Group invested over $5.4Million into lifesaving research and patient care. In addition, over $1.3Million was allocated to our research reserve for future research commitments. This is an outstanding achievement for a 6 month period, only made possible thanks to the ongoing support of all our stakeholders.

Our gross profit of funds to research and patient care remained well above our benchmark in our strategic plan – at 85.9%.

2017 was our most successful year, with the second half of the year being no exception – thanks to donors and ticket buyers in our lottery, we were able to create more impact through world-class medical research and patient care, delivering outcomes that benefit and improve our local communities.

Please click here to view July 2017 – December 2017 Summarised Financial Report.