L-R: Dr Cheng, Professor Ping-Chung Leung - Head of the Institute of Chinese Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Aden Lau.

Attending the World Rhinology Congress, one of the largest ENT conferences in the world was a career highlight for third year PhD student Aden Ho Yin Lau.

Based at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research (BHI), Aden received a travel grant through The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF), one of many THRF is able fund thanks to the support of our donors and ticket buyers in the Hospital Research Home Lottery.

As one of the largest ENT conferences in the world, Aden made the most of his opportunity to connect with international researchers, also having the exciting opportunity to present his research on chronic rhinosinusitis.

“On the day of the conference, I visited the Institute of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese university of Hong Kong, led by Professor Ping-Chung Leung who kindly offered me a guided tour around the clinics,” Aden said.

“From this opportunity I gained valuable knowledge about the processes of translating thousand-year-old traditional Chinese medicine literature to a modern medicine formula that can be used in clinics.

“I was very impressed by the traditional Chinese medicinal herb essence extraction facility and given their work on treating inflammatory conditions with traditional Chinese medicine, our connections with Prof Leung established during this trip enable potential collaborations in the future.”

THRF is proud to be supporting promising researchers like Aden who have the opportunity to attend world-class conferences that can have a positive impact on their future study and endeavours.

“I would like to thank THRF for their generous support by funding my trip to Hong Kong, giving me the opportunity to present my work at a prestigious international conference and be fortunate enough to have an exhilarating lab visit, which could prove to be a valuable connection for my career and research at the BHI.”