With support from The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF), Dr Katharina Richter has developed a new gel treatment currently in clinical trials to fight superbugs, antibiotic-resistant bacteria like golden staph.

With the clinical trial now underway at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), the gel has been tested and developed by Dr Richter to target superbug’s favourite food – iron.

Did you know that superbugs cause 700,000 deaths globally each year? The World Health Organisation predicts by 2050, 10million people will die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Dr Richter’s new treatment could be the key to fighting this scary statistic!

“Iron is like chocolate for bacteria. It gives them energy to grow, cause disease, and withstand attacks from our immune systems and antibiotics,” Dr Richter said.

“Using two different compounds, we first starve the bacteria of iron and then feed them the bacterial equivalent of poisonous chocolate, which the hungry bacteria find irresistible.”

This new approach is being trialled to treat patients with chronic recurring sinus infections at TQEH with Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon Professor Peter-John Wormald.

Dr Richter’s life-changing treatment was featured in 9 News Adelaide, watch the story below!

If you have a chronic recurring sinus infection and interested in being involved in the trial, contact your General Practitioner to receive a referral to visit an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist at TQEH.

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