Frequently Asked Questions

Our Organisation

Funds made available to medical research are allocated to programs or projects after advice and review from an independent Research Advisory Committee, whose membership includes some of the most esteemed Scientists and Medical Specialists in Australia. Income derived via donations or business activities are either allocated to medical research in that year or alternatively are reserved for pre-committed funding for medical research in the following year/s.

The strategic oversight of The Hospital Research Foundation is in the hands of a Board of Directors whose membership includes highly respected and experienced practitioners from the fields of law, accounting, commerce, information technology, architecture and medicine in South Australia.

In 2018, The Hospital Research Foundation has provided more than $22 million for research and patient care in South Australian hospitals.

The Hospital Research Foundation does not receive financial grants from the Federal or State Governments.

The Hospital Research Foundation supports health and medical research that benefits people not only in South Australia but also on a national and even global scale. The Foundation supports medical research through Major Program Grants, Research Grants, Project Grants, the purchase of laboratory equipment and by providing financial support and scholarships to Postgraduate, Honours and vacation research students.

THRF is one of only a small number of Not for Profit organisations in Australia to have adopted General Purpose Financial Reporting guidelines for the presentation of its financial activities. Simply put this means that THRF holds itself to the same extremely high transparency standards that a public company is required to maintain. Many Not For profits still choose to adopt Special Purpose Financial Reporting (SPFR)which allows for greater flexibility in how financial activities are presented to the stakeholders. While the choice or style of reporting is at the discretion of the organisation, THRF has chosen to support the greater level of transparency that GPFR provides to the public.

THRF does not take any administration costs from donations received. For every $1 you donate, we provide over $5 in grants to research and patient care. This is because our administration costs are covered by our commercial business activities (such as our lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year.

Whilst donations are vitally important to ongoing medical research and patient support activities, the funds to research generated via lotteries and other commercial activities leverage THRF’s ability to provide a consistent source of income to researchers undertaking lifesaving work. You can feel proud knowing your donation makes an even bigger impact to the health and wellbeing of your community.

Translational or ‘bench to bedside’ research is where laboratory breakthroughs are quickly translated into cures, improved patient care and treatment options that benefit the health and wellbeing of all in our community.

The Hospital Research Foundation (originally The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation) was established in 1965. THRF now supports research and patient care at hospitals across South Australia.


An in-memoriam donation is a special way of honouring the memory of a loved one. In-memoriam donations are allocated to the specific purpose that the donor intended. Correspondence to the donor’s family is sent to confirm the amount and allocation of received donations.

The Hospital Research Foundation has strict policies and protocols governing the bequest program. We treat all potential bequestors with the utmost respect and ensure their information remains private and secure. Bequest funds go to the specific area of research that the donor provides for in their estate. If there is no specific conditions, bequest funds go into the general medical research grant fund.


Our logo is representative of the link between people, medical research and the affect medical research has in hospitals, the treatments and the patient care people receive. The logo has been designed to symbolize this vital link with a vibrant image representing people, family groups and the shapes of hospital buildings.

Our brand is a representation of what we do, and what we do is support world-class medical research that affects treatments and patient care in all hospitals. Our new brand best describes that the medical research we support benefits people in all hospitals, all around Australia and even globally.

Future Commitments

In 2019 The Hospital Research Foundation intends to provide research grants, equipment purchases and patient care grants to the value of $21 million. If funds available for research in any given year aren’t utilized they are set aside in a research reserve to ensure the Foundation can meet its future research funding commitments.

Regulatory Processes

All fundraising activities are regulated by Acts of Parliament in the State of South Australia. These include laws governing lotteries and gambling as well as charitable collections. South Australian law requires financial reports from Prescribed Associations such as The Hospital Research Foundation be submitted annually to the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs. These documents are a matter of public record and are accessible. Not-for-profit organisations such as The Hospital Research Foundation must also adhere to Federal and State laws pertaining to Incorporated Associations, Registered Charities, Tax Deductible Gift Recipients and Public Benevolent Institutions. The Hospital Research Foundation is independently audited on an annual basis by accounting firm BDO.

Hospital Research Home Lotteries

As the largest non-government lottery provider in South Australia, applications to operate two major lotteries each year are comprehensively and rigorously reviewed by the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner before being approved. The Hospital Research Foundation lotteries are also independently audited by BDO. In addition, Deloitte Private, a division of one of Australia’s most respected business advisors, facilitate and oversee the collection of income, ticket allocation and prize draws for the lotteries. Because of the size, success and frequency of our lottery program The Hospital Research Foundation is the most frequently and thoroughly audited charity in South Australia.