The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is thrilled to welcome two new Directors to our Board, Rilka Warbanoff and Andrew Mannix.

The two new additions complement the ongoing growth of THRF, supporting lifesaving research and patient care in South Australia.

Rilka is well known to THRF, serving as a brand ambassador and is already on the Board of Governors for THRF’s charitable affiliate, the Centre for Creative Health. With a diverse professional background having founded and run a successful executive recruitment agency for many years, Rilka has also achieved in other roles as a cook, teacher, author and radio personality. She has served on a variety of other Boards previously, including not-for-profits.

Similarly, Andrew is also well known to THRF, serving on the Board of Governors for our charitable affiliate The Road Home. Andrew has a longstanding and successful professional background in the Defence sector having held senior leadership roles, which has been demonstrated through his contribution to The Road Home in his capacity as Deputy Chair.

THRF Chair Dr Stephen Rodda said he is thrilled to welcome Rilka and Andrew to the Board as their experience will aid towards THRF’s future growth and impact within the community.

“Rilka and Andrew are extremely passionate about the impact of medical research and the work of THRF. The fact they both hold roles with affiliate brands of THRF highlights the quality of people that the organisation attracts and the level of commitment that they have in supporting our cause,” Dr Rodda said.

“Both Rilka and Andrew are excited about joining THRF Board and I look forward to working with them and the rest of the Board to continue supporting research and patient outcomes for the South Australian community.”

THRF’s Chief Executive Paul Flynn said the addition of Rilka and Andrew to the Board will help the organisation strive even higher towards making a difference in the community.

“On behalf of all THRF employees, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Rilka and Andrew as part of our Board. We are thrilled to have two pioneers join us, that will no doubt bring innovative ideas and provide support towards THRF’s mission and vision – saving lives and improving patient care within the community,” Mr Flynn said.

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