What is impact in medical research?

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) exists to save lives. We do this by funding medical research and patient care that will go on to make a difference in the lives of the community. A lifesaving difference!

There are so many ways that the medical research we support, thanks to our kind donors and ticket buyers in the Hospital Research Home Lottery, is making an impact.


Generating new knowledge of diseases that spark new ideas for the development of lifesaving treatments and cures.

Turning research ideas into new products and services to advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Influencing policy to bring about change that will benefit patients and their loved ones.

Enabling new research through funding partnerships to speed up the discovery process.

  • World-class research in the areas of diabetes, nutrition, obesity and gut health can now continue thanks to a new funding partnership between the University of Adelaide and THRF.
  • A new project will develop a universal therapy for both breast and prostate cancer thanks to funding from THRF in collaboration with other national organisations including the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Developing research capacity to ensure the best people and resources can drive research forward and continue to save lives for years to come.

  • Our recent grant round in Adelaide’s north has armed a number of young researchers with funding to allow them to spend more time conducting their research.
  • We recently announced several new Fellowships at The Queen Elizabeth Hos­pital. These bright young minds are the future of lifesaving medical research in South Australia!

You can help make an even bigger impact! For every $1 you donate, we provide over $4 in grants to research and patient care. This is because our administration costs are covered by our commercial business activities (such as our lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year. You can feel proud knowing your donation makes an even bigger difference in your community!