The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) is a Medical Research Institute which carries out a world-class program of innovative research, making breakthrough discoveries in the causes of cancer, and translating these discoveries into new ways to prevent and treat this group of diseases. 

The CCB is an alliance between SA Pathology and the University of South Australia and boasts over 200 cancer researchers; currently hosting 22 full-time research group leaders and their teams.

CCB laboratories carry out research on the major cancers such as leukaemia, bowel cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and skin cancers led by distinguished full-time group leaders. A particular focus is childhood cancers and cancers that occur in the same family. In addition to these laboratories, the CCB’s ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility provides access to state-of-the-art genomics to bring precision medicine to South Australian cancer patients.

The translation of new discoveries into clinical practice is strengthened by the location of the laboratories within a single centre, as well as its proximity to the Royal Adelaide Hospital along with its clinical resources, the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide, with which it shares key research facilities.

The CCB has alliances with other prominent national and international Institutes and leading pharmaceutical companies which have allowed many of the discoveries made in this Institute, by South Australians, to be in advanced clinical trials worldwide. In this way the CCB is becoming a hub of internationally recognised cancer research excellence, achieving tangible outcomes for cancer patients.

The CCB is a member of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI).

Professor Stuart Pitson, one of the many passionate researchers at the Centre for Cancer Biology
Professor Stuart Pitson, one of the many passionate researchers at the Centre for Cancer Biology

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