Online Reporting for Research Outputs

The Hospital Research Foundation is committed to funding research that will make a difference in the community. To ensure it can report back to its donors and ticket buyers in the Hospital Research Home Lottery, it now uses a new online reporting tool to track research outputs for all awarded research grants.

Researchfish is an online Research Outcomes System that enables a researcher to report once across multiple funders. Research outputs only need to be input once and can then be attributed to different grants from different funders. This enables instant and accurate reporting, allowing funders to easily track and evaluate the outcomes of the research they fund whilst saving researchers duplication of effort for different funders.

Grant recipients can find out more about Researchfish and how it works at

What you will need to do as a grant recipient

Once you are awarded a research grant from The Hospital Research Foundation (or, if you already have one), we will add you to our Researchfish account and you will automatically receive an email from Researchfish. You then need to use the link in the email to register on the Researchfish site and build your profile. You or one of your delegates can add, edit and delete entries and attribute these, to awards you hold, or to one of your CV’s.

We will then contact you about submission periods for Researchfish. You will have a minimum of four weeks’ notice before a submission period opens.

We will continue to ask for data to be submitted via Researchfish after your project has finished in order to gain a realistic view of what has been achieved and leveraged through the funding.


For technical queries please contact the Researchfish support team at  For any other queries please email