About The Hospital Research Foundation

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) funds over 40 areas of medical research and patient care activities, making it unique in Australia.

While many charities focus on one disease or fundraise for one hospital only, we provide grants across many medical areas and all local health networks in South Australia. In 2018 we invested over $24 million into medical research and patient care initiatives – our greatest impact yet!

At the moment, only applicants located in South Australia or willing to relocate to South Australia can apply to our competitive grant rounds.

THRF supports medical research through Early and Mid-Career Fellowships, PhD Scholarships, Masters and Honours Scholarships; plus through Major Program Grants, Project Grants, the purchase of equipment and by providing support through patient initiatives. We also provide Travel Grants to researchers to increase their ability to deliver impact to the community, advance their own research and build collaborations with other academic institutions (both interstate or international).

To ensure the accountability of funds invested in research grants and the transparent transfer of funds, grants given to researchers and hospitals are awarded on a competitive application basis. To ensure this application and review process is fair and equitable, we have established a completely independent Research Review Committee (RRC) comprised of esteemed Australian researchers, all located interstate.

The RRC is crucial in ensuring funds are allocated on strong academic merit and scientific capability, and is an important feature in creating an impartial system that demonstrates consistency across funding.

As directed by the Board, we will also occasionally make additional grants available to the local health networks or universities that can significantly enhance the health and/or wellbeing of the Australian community.

How THRF plans its grants throughout the year

THRF is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Our budget relies entirely on the support of donors and the success of our commercial business activities, such as the Hospital Research Home Lottery. Our administration costs are covered by these commercial business activities, allowing us to leverage donors support into far greater amounts to go to medical research and patient care each year.

Therefore, THRF’s ability to create grant rounds depends on the success of our commercial activities, donor support and lottery programs throughout the year.

The first quarter of each calendar year is crucial for the THRF to start planning for the year ahead. Because of our income structure, grant rounds cannot be announced early in the calendar year. THRF will commit as early as possible to some grant rounds, however other rounds are subject to change or adjustment. The last quarter of the year allows THRF to open new rounds if we have surplus unallocated funds in that year.

Applying for a grant

All grant rounds, once approved, are published on the website.

To receive a notification when new grant rounds are announced and opened, register here.

To apply for any available grants, an electronic application will need to be submitted via SmartyGrants. Applicants will need to create a SmartyGrants account if you do not already have one.

Applications for competitive grants are assessed by the RCC, an interstate panel of scientific experts highly recognised in their field, who do not have any conflicts of interest with the researchers or the projects submitted.