Associate Professor Natasha Harvey’s team at the Centre for Cancer Biology (L-R): Dr Genevieve Secker, Dr Melinda Tea, Dr Drew Sutton, Ms Jan Kazenwadel, Dr Kelly Betterman and A/Prof Natasha Harvey.

World-class research at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) in Adelaide is aimed at developing new treatments and preventing some of the most common and heartbreaking cancers affecting your loved ones.

These vital and life-changing research projects will go on to save lives, and with your ongoing support, we are so proud to support them. To date, we have provided $650,000 in funding to enable the advancement of research projects underway at the CCB to support projects in areas including blood cancer and prostate cancer.

CCB’s Associate Professor Natasha Harvey is working hard to find a way of stopping common cancers like breast and prostate cancer from spreading to other areas of the body.

“When cancers spread to other parts of our body, they do that through either our blood or lymphatic system. Cancer cells exploit lymphatic vessels as a ‘highway’ for spreading to other parts of the body,” A/Prof Harvey explains.

“This means the cancer cells can not only enter pre-existing lymphatic vessels but they can promote the growth of new vessels in order to gain access to the lymphatic vascular network.”

A/Prof Harvey and her team at the CCB are investigating a way of blocking the growth of these new lymphatic vessels which will as a result reduce the spread of cancer.

“Through recent work we’ve identified a gene that controls the growth and development of lymphatic vessels. With this knowledge and by understanding this growth process, we could find a way of blocking new vessel growth.”

Dr Phillip Gregory
Dr Phillip Gregory.

THRF is also proud to support Dr Phillip Gregory’s lifesaving research underway at CCB investigating a newly discovered pathway that could lead to new treatments for metastatic prostate cancer. Read about his innovative project that is set to save lives. 

This groundbreaking research underway at CCB has the potential to stop the most common cancers affecting your loved ones from spreading to other areas of the body. We look forward to keeping you updated as it progresses.