With the support of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF), rheumatologist Associate Professor Catherine Hill and her team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital are kick-starting a pilot study for a new life-changing treatment for osteoarthritis in the hand.

Affecting 20 per cent of the Australian population, people with hand osteoarthritis are living in chronic pain due to bone changes, progressive loss of cartilage and their joint space narrowing. With currently no treatment available for the chronic condition, sufferers are left taking constant painkillers to manage their pain.

“Previous preliminary research suggested a drug currently used to treat acute gout could help reduce inflammation from hand osteoarthritis so that’s what we are testing in this pilot study,” Prof Hill said.

The three month study will be run by clinical trial coordinator Courtney Davis, who will also follow up with participants after four months to see if the treatment has improved their pain.

“If we discover this treatment reduces inflammation and helps alter the pain of living with hand osteoarthritis, the next step would be a larger clinical trial in the hopes of making the treatment widely available to all living with the condition,” Prof Hill said.

If you or someone you know has hand osteoarthritis and would like to get involved in this study contact us at (08) 8244 1100 or email contactus@hospitalresearch.com.au.

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