To kick-start our exciting partnership with the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN), The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) has been able to provide $90,000 in funding for a dedicated purpose-built audiology booth for the Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) for the first time. The booth will be situated in the Outpatient Department at the LMH and will enable both adults and children to have their hearing assessed pre and post-surgery or treatments.

The latest audiology technology, combined with superior sound-proofing, will allow highly detailed and accurate reports to be produced in the booth. Ultimately this information will enable treatments to be fine-tuned to each individual patient, improving their treatment and enhancing their care.

“We are delighted to be able to provide this vital service for the northern community, an essential tool in the management of hearing for children and adults,” THRF CEO Paul Flynn said.

Chief Operating Officer of the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network Scott McMullen says the funding of the new audiology booth will mean that for the first time the LMH will be able to provide specialist audiology services, with a special focus on paediatrics.

“The new booth will have a large observation window through which parents can see their children. It will have double glazing and pressure-fit seals and will be fitted out with specialised paediatric equipment that will make it easier to obtain accurate test results. For example, light displays will capture a child’s attention until he or she hears a sound and reacts to it,” Mr McMullen said.

“On behalf of the Northern community, we are very grateful for the THRF community assisting us with a much needed piece of equipment and we look forward to being able to work together to continue to advance our services here at the LMH.”

With your support, THRF is excited to continue supporting research and patient care services at the LMH dedicated to improving care and saving lives.