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A Father’s Fierce Determination to Beat Eczema

At the young age of four months, Robert Kenrick’s daughter Martha was diagnosed with eczema. For Robert, this meant rubbing his daughter’s back for almost an hour at night to help her get to sleep because her skin was so itchy. It meant seeing her fall behind in school as she wasn’t getting the amount of sleep a young child needs. read more


Living in Hope for a Better Life

Tim Lamming’s life was turned upside down after he was diagnosed with MINOCA. He’s been experiencing severe daily chest pain ever since, but lives in hope that Professor John Beltrame will bring an end to his pain with his world-first life-changing research supported by THRF. read more


Research to Prevent Zika Virus Underway in Adelaide

We are pleased to announce Professor Eric Gowans, along with Dr Branka Grubor-Bauk and Dr Danushka Wijesundara at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research have received funding from the National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation to examine new strategies to develop a vaccine for the dangerous Zika virus. read more