After purchasing tickets in the Hospital Research Home Lottery for many years, Kurt Dreichmann couldn’t believe his luck when he won the Grand Prize in the second lottery of 2018.

“I didn’t believe it when I got the phone call!” Kurt said.

“It was impossible to comprehend the enormity of the prize, I was in disbelief most of the day. It only started to sink in when Cosi handed over the winning cheque.”

After living in the hills for 30 years, Kurt and his wife Penny weren’t ready to move to the suburbs and decided to sell the Grand Prize home at Malvern.

They have since moved to a beautiful home overlooking a nature reserve and have happily helped their daughter own her first home.

“I still can’t believe our luck,” he said. “I often sit and think about how lucky I was.”

“I admire the Hospital Research Home Lottery staff, and I am still buying tickets to support the research.”

With the support of people like Kurt, we can continue to fund lifesaving research and improve patient care in South Australia.