For every $1 you donate, we provide over $5 in grants to research and patient care.

Your donation makes a difference to the lives of our family, friends and the wider community – everyday.

For every $1 you donate, we provide over $5 in grants to research and patient care. This is because our administration costs are covered by our commercial business activities (such as our lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year. You can feel proud knowing your donation makes an even bigger impact to the health and wellbeing of your community.

Our audited financial statements can be viewed here at your convenience.

The Hospital Research Foundation prides itself on allocating the generous donations received from our donors to the research projects in a transparent, fair and equitable fashion through our Research Review Committee.

Why have a Research Review Committee?

To increase the accountability of money spent and to ensure a transparent transfer of funds from The Hospital Research Foundation to researchers, THRF funding is gifted on a competitive application basis.  To ensure this application and review process is fair and equitable The Hospital Research Foundation has established a completely independent Research Review Committee (RRC).  This committee is comprised of esteemed Australian researchers.

The Committee will determine the best way to allocate the money donated by The Hospital Research Foundation to the researchers. This Research Review Committee system is vital as it allows money to be allocated on strong academic basis and scientific capability, and is an important step towards creating an impartial system that demonstrates consistency across all funding by The Hospital Research Foundation.

Research Review Committee Members

Chair: Professor Colin Johnston AO – Professor of Medicine & Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne

Professor Judith Whitworth – a previous Chief Medical Officer of the Commonwealth and former Director of the John Curtain School of Medical Research at ANU. She has interest in Renal Medicine, Translational research & Health Policy.

Professor Rick Kefford – a medical oncologist, clinic-laboratory investigator and Professor of Cancer Medicine at Macquarie University.

Professor Andrew Udy – Head of Trauma, ICU, Department of Intensive Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at The Alfred Melbourne and Deputy Director for the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care – Research Centre, Monash University


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