Your donation makes a difference to the lives of our family, friends and the wider community – everyday.

For every $1 you donate, we provide over $4 in grants to research and patient care. This is because our administration costs are covered by our commercial business activities (such as our lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year. You can feel proud knowing your donation makes an even bigger impact to the health and wellbeing of your community.

It also means we can provide even more funds to research and patient care each year. In the 2015/16 financial year, we received $2.4million in donations. With the support of our commercial lottery activities, we were able to fund $7.74 million in grants and research forward commitments in the same year.

The Hospital Research Foundation does not participate in face-to-face fundraising. Donations can be made via mail, telephone, online, attending one of our events or by visiting our head office at 60 Woodville Road, SA 5011. Tickets in the Hospital Research Home Lottery are sold via mail, online or by visiting our office or an accredited ticket outlet.

Purchasing tickets in the Hospital Research Home Lottery is not considered a donation and is not tax deductible. Whilst donations are vitally important to ongoing medical research and patient support activities, the funds to research generated via lotteries and other commercial activities leverage THRF’s ability to provide a consistent source of income to researchers undertaking lifesaving work.

For more information, our audited financials are published annually on our website here.


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