We never forget our loved ones that we have lost. A special way that some families like to honour the memory of their loved one is by making an In Memoriam donation or setting up a Tribute Fund in their name to support vital medical research.

Become a Tribute Giver

Tribute Giving enables family and friends to make a lasting tribute in memory of a loved one by holding an annual memorial or making donations to support medical research in an area of disease or illness that was important to them during their life.

An event can be anything from a get-together with family and friends, to an annual fundraising event in your community. If there was a particular area of research that your loved one was passionate about then you can have the donations directly support that area. As part of the event we can invite your group to The Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research for a tour of the laboratory and you can meet the research team which your donations assist.

With your support The Hospital Research Foundation is able to continue to fund medical research and improve patient care. A Tribute Fund in the name of your loved one will enable the continuation of medical research focused on developing better treatments, and potentially cures for generations to come.



Donations In Memory

Memoriam gifts enable family and friends to make a caring tribute in memory of a loved one through a chosen charity or organisation. Memoriam gifts can be arranged through any funeral home as part of the funeral planning service.

You can make an online donation in memory of your loved one to The Hospital Research Foundation by selecting the ‘In Memoriam Donation’ option on our donations page.

Funeral notices will need to include:

‘Donations in memory of………………….. may be made to The Hospital Research Foundation’

For memorial gifts, a specific area or department of research may be chosen. Memorial envelopes for the service can be requested through our office on 08 8244 1100 or by writing to bequest@hospitalresearch.com.au. We will ensure that the family receives written thanks and a summary of everyone who donated in memory of their loved one. Donors will also receive a letter of thanks and a receipt for their donation to THRF.

Every kind gift or donation to The Hospital Research Foundation makes a difference to the vital medical research undertaken to ensure improved health and well being for those we love. We thank you for your generosity and care.

In Memory Donation for Prostate Cancer
The Panagiotidis family chose to support the TQEH Palliative Care Unit after losing their beloved ‘Papou’, Georgios, to prostate cancer at the age of 86.

do you want to make a donation in memory of your loved one?