The Green Collar

Cancer survivor and artist Doug is determined to raise funds for cancer research to help others who may not be as fortunate as him.

By auctioning off two of his own paintings online, Doug raised $750 for lifesaving cancer research at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) through The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF).

“When I was told I had cancer in my right bottom eyelid and in my eye socket, at first I thought the doctors had made a mistake. I thought I was unstoppable and always thought I’d never get cancer but I did,” Doug said.

“I was told I would possibly lose my right eye, which being an artist meant not painting and many other things would become harder. The mental stress on not only me and my family was huge, but once I started chemotherapy I could start to feel a difference and see it working.”

Now seven months on from his diagnosis, Doug is off his medication and his latest check-up revealed the cancer is gone.

The Roughie

“I got lucky, many people do not.”

It’s for the others who aren’t as lucky that Doug decided to do his part to raise funds for the research that could one day save the lives of many others diagnosed with this devastating disease. A trainer for Greyhound Racing Australia and an avid artist, Doug combined both his passions to produce these two paintings and raise such an incredible amount for CCB through THRF.