Kathryn and her husband are ecstatic about their new beachside home and so happy they could help support something that benefits the community.

With a million reasons to smile, Hospital Research Home Lottery winner Kathryn and her husband Joe have chosen to take a sea change over a cash windfall.

The win came as a complete shock to the mother of four who purchased her five lottery tickets online.

“I was really shocked, surprised and overall happy. It took a while for it to sink in – especially having to make such a big decision between the cash and the house,” Kathryn said.

“But we’ve made a wonderful choice to live mortgage free and embrace an exciting new lifestyle near the beach.”

The couple is now set to move in to their stunning new two-storey property at Somerton Park designed and built by Scott Salisbury Homes.

“I grew up only a few kilometers away from the Whyte Street house and spent lots of time on Glenelg beach and shopping along Jetty Road with my mother, so there is a lovely familiarity about returning.

“We are so grateful – this is something people really only dream about. I will never forget how lucky we are.”

Kathryn knows only too well how important the lottery is to the health and wellbeing of her fellow South Australians.

“I’ve always been happy to support the Hospital Research Home Lottery because I know the proceeds go to something good that benefits people whether you win or not.”

Our thanks to the SA community who have been supporting the Hospital Research Home Lottery since 2004. Your support helps deliver improved healthcare informed by the latest medical research to people in hospitals around the state.

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