Thanks to the Hospital Research Home Lottery, Gavin Reichelt is now living the dream, with a luxury new home in Brighton and $1 million in the bank.

Gavin bought his tickets in the third and final 2018 Home Lottery on the spur of the moment.

“I was sitting watching TV one night and saw the ad for the Home Lottery. I thought I’d just ring up and buy three tickets. The lady on the phone said it was cheaper to buy five so I decided to buy 10,” he says.

Incredibly, the winning ticket was in the second batch of five he bought.

“I’m never usually stuck for words but I was just flabbergasted – I couldn’t believe it,” he said, formerly from Mount Barker. “It’s life-changing. The first afternoon I moved into the house, I sat on the balcony watching the ocean for three hours – it was just amazing.”

The highlight of winning for Gavin is the security the money brings to help him support his three grown-up children and two grandchildren.

“My main aim is to look after the kids because things are pretty tough for them,” he says. “To be able to help them is the biggest thing – to know they’ll be looked after.”

Gavin is deeply grateful to the Hospital Research Home Lottery for giving him this new start in life.

“They’re fantastic people,” he says. “And the lottery helps THRF too, so the money is going to a good cause.”


Written by Lynn Cameron for The Advertiser