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Spreading Joy Through Your Hospitals

Our charitable affiliate the Centre for Creative Health continues to spread joy and create a calming and relaxed atmosphere for patients and their families at our hospitals. There are several initiatives underway that are helping to revolutionise patient care and ensure your stay at hospital is the most comfortable it can be. read more


Getting to the Bottom of Gut Health

Can you imagine a faecal transplant saving your life? Enabled by THRF thanks to your support, Adelaide researchers have established the first public stool bank in Australia, designed to treat severe and chronic bowel conditions. Pioneering this life-changing work are Gastroenterologists based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Sam Costello and Dr Rob Bryant. read more


Winning the Fight Against Superbugs

With support from The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF), Dr Katharina Richter has developed a new gel treatment currently in clinical trials to fight superbugs or antibiotic-resistant bacteria like golden staph. read more